Will of Mary Gee, Gentlewoman, 1703. Prob11/468/207

In the name of God Amen

I Mary Gee Gentlewoman Doe make this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following First I bequeathe my soule into the hands of God hopeing that all my sins will be done away and that I shall find mercy through the meritts of my blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ And for the depositing my body in the ground my desire is tha I may be buryed with all the privacy imaginable Not Escutcheons but only a hatchment over the door and that to be put in the Church when the time is expired And as for my Worldly Goods I give and bequeath to Mrs Catherine Sandys daughter to Sr Thomas Sandys my Sable palatine and Muff To my good Servant Martha Bracegirdle Ten pounds a year for her life if she continue with me to my death and doe not marry Robert Broobest and likewise I give her all my wearing cloathes Also I give to Thomas my honest Servant Five Ginneys To poore David I give five pounds and leave him to the care of my Son I likewise give Ten pounds to the Poore of Orpington to be distributed as my Son thinks fitt And as to all the Rest of my Goods that I have in the World besides except foure or five small directions I leave to my most deare Son Mr Richard Gee Whom I pray God bless In witness whereof I have Sett my hand and seale the thirteenth day of January in the yeare 1697/8. This Will written on the back side of this Sheet of paper I declare to be my last Will and Testament In witness whereof I have sett my hand and seale the thirteenth day of January 1697/8. M. Gee. Subscribed and sealed in the presence of us whose names are underwritten George Wilson of Chislehurst Mary Gilborne Thomas Hount

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