The First Inventory of the Priory, 1675-6. PROB5/1187

National Archives PROB5/1187

Ex L 23 Juny 1676

The Kings duty is paid to Mr Hoare

An inventory of the goods Chattels and Debts of and oweing to Marie Spencer Deceased the widdow and relict of the Hon’ble Richard Spencer Esq late of Orpington in the County of Kent deceased taken and appraised the Nyneteenth day of November 1675

In the Roome over the with draweing Roome

Five peeces of old Tapestry hanginges, two old Turky worke Carpetts  one peece of Paynting over the Chimney Five picktures one Table one Lookeing Glasse, one bedsted Matt Cord and Curtain Rodds, Curtaynes and vallance of Dimity wrought with black worsted and lyned with white Callico one feather bed two bolsters three quilts three pillowes two blanketts one old Counterpoint one peece of Canvas one Couch and three Chaires with wrought Cases suitable to the Bed Curtaynes one old velvett Cushion two Stands two little hanginge Shelves a wrought Table cloathe and Carpett suteable one payre of bellowes a fire shovell and Tongs  one little payre of Andirons with brasse plate knobbes two window Curtaynes  and Rodds old Matts on the Chamber floore   one wainscott box of Cedar wood one Sky Coloured Sattyn Mantle, Six Sweet baggs  Six little Stripes of cloathe imbroidered several slips of Canvas drawen but not wrought one bugle baskett, one close Stoole and panne 20=04=00

In the gallery giving unto the before mentioned Roome

Twelve Cesar’s heads in paintinge 00=08=00

In the Roome over the great Parlour

The Hangeings of guilt Leather two picktures one lookeing glasse three window Curtaynes and Rodds one Bedsted Matt Cord and Curtaine Rodds one feather Bed one flock boulster one Quilt two blanketts two pillowes Curtaynes, valance Tester and head cloathe of a white Callico two Elbowe Chaires two Squabbs five Stooles three longe Cushions fire Shovell and Tongs Andirons with Brasse knobbs, some old cases for Chaires and Stooles, one Spainish Table, Carpett and bugle Baskett, the floore covered with old Matts 14=10=00

In the Inner Roome to the last men’cioned Chamber

The Roome hanged with old *** one bedstedd, Matt and Cord with a buckram Tester, one feather Bed and Boulster, three blanketts, one Red Rugg, old Redd Curtaynes round the Bed, one Stoole 01=17=00

In the Chappell Chamber

Foure peeces of *** one peece of old Tapestry two window Curtaynes, one Coat of Armes, six picktures, one bedstead, Matt Cord and Curtaine Rodd, one feather bed, one for one pillow, three blanketts ,one redd Rugg, Curtaines, double Vallance, Tester and head cloathe of redd cloathe, one Chaire, two Stooles, one Table and Carpett fire Shovell and Tongs, a payre of Andirons, one old Gittar and Chest 05=08=00

In the little Parlour

The Roome hanged round with guilt Leather Eight Chaires covered with guilt Leather one foldinge Skreene One Round Table, one old Carpett, two picktures one Lookeing glasse, a Stand for glasses one payre of old playing Tables one payre of Brasse Andirons, fire Shovell Tongs, one payre of brass Snuffers and Snuffe dish, two hand Skreenes and a little hooke to hang them on 04=00=00

In the Closett within the Little Parlour

three little peeces of old green hanginges one old Trunck, one old iron Chimney back and two old Creepers 00=03=00

In the great Parlour

The Roome hanged round with guilt Leather five little picktures, one hanginge sconce, three window Curtaynes and two Curtain Rodds Fourteene Chaires of guilt Leather foure stooles of guilt Leather one ovall table Two Spainish Tables, three Turkie worke Carpetts, one lookeing glasse, a payre of brasse Andirons one brasse fire shovell and Tongs 10=04=06

In the with drawing roome

The Roome hanged round with guilt Leather, One Couch of old Velvett, One Elbowe Chaire eight back stooles, one foote stoole two long Cushions all covered with old Velvett a squabb Stoole with a Cane bottome with two little Cushions, two old Turky Carpetts a paynted folding Skreene one Lookeing Glasse one Table two stands two hanginge Shelves two window Curtaynes and Rodds six picktures great and small a Rock of Shells severall peeces of Chyna and Earthen ware some broken some whole one payre of iron doggs one payre of Andirons with brasse knobbs two hand skreenes 15=05=00

More in the same Roome

Nyne peeces of Chyna, one Cupp of Chalcedonye, one of Serpentine and one of Terrasigislate and two mother of pearle Shells bequeathed to the Lady Glynne 07=00=00

In the Hall

an Atcheivement of Armes one pickture over the Chimney, three other picktures, two Tables one Forme one striking Clock, two  hanginge Sconces of Lattin one payre of Andirons with brass knobbs. 02=00=00

In the Chamber called my Ladys Chamber

Six peeces of Tapestry hanginges seaven picktures and one paintinge or pickture over the Chimney a folding Skreene of Red bayes description of our Saviour in manuscript in a little frame, one hanginge Shelfe one bedstead the bottome lathes, foure Cupps on the Topp Curtaine Rodds, one holland Quilt a feather bedd bolster four blanketts a Counterpane of red bayes two pillowes one old silke quilt Curtaines one vallence of Old purple Velvett lyned with old silk and a silke and Silver fringe, the Tester headpeece and Inner Valence of old Silke, one old Elbow Chaire, foure back Chaires three stooles a squabb and seaven Cushions all Covered with old velvett, two runcks two tables one Cabynett, One Standish, a little Table and two stands, one Carpett, three boxes one lookeing glasse, foure little hand skreenes, foure hookes a little Bell foure hookes a fire Shovell and Tongs, two Chimney Catches A fire dog with Brasse knobbs one warmeing pann, and a payre of Bellowes 26=13=00

In the little Chamber within my Ladyes Chamber

The Roome hanged round with old striped stuffe two halfe headed Bedsteads one Canopie two Curtaynes and valance of striped Stuffe two feather Bedds three boulsters foure blanketts two Ruggs two Stooles 04=14=00

In the Clossett

A parcell of glass bottles with water in them some Earthen ware and glasses a table five old Trunks a payre of Brasse scales, and weights, a marble morter a payre of Irons with brasse Knobbs, a Chaffing dish with other Lumber a Stove to dry sweatmeates, some remnants of stuffe a Little payre of brasse pistols a box of Tortoise Shell, six Little Baskettes one pickture a parcell of Gu’ne Flowers three chaffing dishes 04=03=06

In the Kitchen Chamber and Garrett

Two halfe headed bedsteads, two settle Beds two feather beds and boulsters three flock bedds and boulsters, five blanketts three Ruggs one Spanish Table one Chest of drawers cloathe for Curtaines and vallence a parcell of black bayes one Lymbeck, foure brasse panns, one Skillett and a Scummer a parcell of glasses and earthen dishes a parcell of leaden pipes a parcell of Onyo ns a parcell of Apples and a parcell of Hopps with some Lumber. 09=03=02

two old brasse Gunnes 01=10=00

Lynnen within the Closett in my Ladies Chamber

Tenn payre of Sheetes and One odd Sheete, eight damask Table cloathes, two dozen of Napkins eight payre of pillowe beeres tenn Diaper Table cloathes six dozen of Napkins Ticking for a boulster two little pillowes two fustian blanketts 12=13=06

Lynnen in the Chamber over the kitchen and garretts

Eleaven diaper table Cloathes foure dozen of diaper napkins, fine flaxen table Cloathes six dozen of flaxen Napkins one and twenty syde board cloathes and towells, five payre of Holland sheetes eleaven payre of Course Sheets 14=11=06

Lynnen at London 16=12=00

Two picktures there 01=10=00

Three Trunks three little boxes and some Canvas slipps 01=01=00

The Deceaseds wearing apparrell and Lynnen for her body 30=00=00

The deceaseds bookes 02=00=00

The Deceaseds Jewells 12=00=00

white silver plate severall peeces weight 282 Ounces at 5s the Ounce 70=10=00

In the Kitchen and Larder

Two iron potts, two brasse potts, two brasse panns three brasse skilletts three sauce panns, two frying panns two Scummers, one Ladle, one Copper pott, one pestle and two Morters, one brasse Candlestick one frying pann, one parcell of Lattin ware, one parcell of woodden ware, one Jack, Chayne and weight, foure spitts one iron dripping pann one Gridiron, one Iron peece, fire shovell and Tongs and Rack, one Grate, one *** two payre of Pot hangers, one payre of Pot hooks one payre of Bellowes, two salt boxes, one smoothing Iron and Heaters, one oven Lydd, a table, a forme one joyned stoole and two gunns 04=13=00

pewter foure hundred weight in severall dishes and peeces 14=03=04

course pewter 24 pounds weight 00=12=00

In the Brewhouse

One Copper with severall other brewing vesselles and washing Tubbs

one old Table a Syder Trough one Coupe and other Lumber 06=16=04

In the Dayrye Roome Pantry and Seller

Two Tables one bacon trough, one powdering Tubb, severall milk vessles, two shelves and one presse for Lynnen, a Binge for bread a wooden Sisterne Crookes and Gally Potts

In the seller 4 stands for beare, Beare barrells and Kilderkin A Beame Scales and weights a showth for meale, and a Kneading Trough three Sives two pannyers and a Meale Tubb and other Lumber 12=18=14

In the wine seller

Fourteen dozen of bottles fifteene small vessels One Barrell and half of Syder three stands and foure Hampers 03=13=04

Grayne in the Pease Barne

Two quarters of Tares foure quarters of gray and white Pease and the Straw 05=05=06

In the wheat Barne

Twelve quarters of Meslyn eight quarters of wheat six and twenty quarters of Barley threshed and unthreshed twenty quarters of oates and the Straw one Skreene for Corne two shovells and one Sive 50=10=06

In the Graynery

Foure quarters of Pease a small quantity of Barley and oates three measures for Corne 03=00=00

In and about the yarde

Seaventeene hoggs and Piggs 05=13=04

Poultrye of severall sorts 01=17=00

Hay in the Barne and lofte 01=10=00

Two Coach Horses and a little Maire all blynde or Lame 07=00=00

One old Coach and Charriott with harness and Curtaynes 05=00=00

One pannell one forke two payre of Cart harnesses one old Cart body and Shafts 00=06=00

Foure and twenty stacks of wood and a parcell of Coales

A grinding stone

An old stone Rowler for a garden

2 wodden Rales 04=14=00

Memorandum there was found after the deceaseds death

In Ready money 046=18=09

In Bond sold before the Appraysem’t for 040=13=11

In Gold in the howse 024=13=00

Item money rewards since the deceaseds death in debts for *** *** 112=00=00

In final Debts *** and *** 013=15=08

(The following line is crossed out:)

Item money debt due by bonds 500 by Bill 50 239=01=04

goods *** and *** 550=00=00

Item due to the said deceased at the time of her death by bonds from Mr George Bashward and John Pring and

Abraham Anselme and Mr Henry Stead final sume *** the sume of 350=00=00

Oweing to the said deceased from Richard Thomson and *** receantly the sume of 050=00=00

Oweing to the sayd deceased from Sr Henry Heron Kt of the Bath and the right hon’ble Frances Lady Cobham widdow by bond dated the 16th of July 1665 100=00=00

Oweing to the sayd deceased by bill under the hand and seale of the sayd Sr Henry Heron the sume of 050=00=00

dated the 11th day of December 1669

(Signed) K Sandys

I Wm Bordman believe this to be true but no part has come to my hand June the 22nd 1676

(Signed) Wm Bordman

I Henry Gilbourne believe this to be true but no part has come to my hand June the 22nd 1676

(Signed) Henry Gilbourne

(Latin script follows)

(The following lines have a large cross through them:)

19 April 1676

Katherina Sandys (Latin script follows)

Rob Wyseman

(End of crossed area.)

Surv 22 Jun 1676

Jurati Katherina Sandys

(Latin script follows.)

Rob Wyseman


Rob Wyseman

1109-15-10 surv summa totlie:



Historic Orpington