The Inventory of the House of Henry Sandys, 1714. PROB32/58/144

A True and perfect

Inventary of all and Singular the Goods Chattells and creditts of Henry Sandys late of Crafton in the Parish of Orpington in the County of Kent Deceased taken valued and appraised the third day of November Ano Dni 1713 by John Oliver and Thomas Lander doth follow Viz

 In the Garratt

Inprimis One Mault Mill One Brass Sawe (?) and Seven Bushells of Mault £1 8s

In the Chamber where he laid

Item One chest of Drawers A Damask Table cloath, a Damask Napkin Two Diaper Table cloaths Eighteen Diaper Napkins Ten old Pillowbers five Ghenting four old Handkrsheifs One chest Twenty four Huckeback Napkins Two Table cloaths four Huckeback Napkins Two Table cloaths Huckeback Eight course Towells Sixteen Old Sheets One bedsteed a feather bed a Rugg two old blanketts druggett (?) courtains and Vallence two Old chaires £7 8s 4d

In the Blew Roome

Item One Great Trunck Two Irons in the chimney Six chaires One feather bolster Bed two Blanketts a Rugg Two Counterpaines Bedds with curtains and Vallance of Serge £3 18s 6d

In the Garratt

Item One Coneyhare Bed and Bolster One feather Bed and Bolster One Copper Mill £2

In the little Parlour

Item One Table Seven Old chairs One Eight day Clock a pair of Bellowes Tong fire Shovell Two Iron Dogs a broken Glass a broken Table £6 1s 5d

In the Great Parlour

Item One Large Square Table Eight Cane Chairs one pair of fire Grates £1 17s

In the Kitchen

Item Sixteen Pewter Dishes Twenty four Pewter Plates Two Salts two Porringers altogether weighing one hundred and seven pounds £2. 13s 6d
Item ffour Spitts One Grid Iron a box Ireon Two heaters two Brass candlesticks three of Iron Two Pasty pans of Tinn a Warmin pann a frying Pann a Brass Porridge Pott a Bell mettle Pott a ffish kettle a Dripping Pann Two Skilletts One Copper Kettle a Sauce pann a Muskett a Jack and Leaden Weights a pair of fire Grates One Copper Pott One Tinn Dripping Pann £2 10s 10d

In the Celler

Item a parcell of Old Tubs and Old Lumber 12s
Item Two Small Hoggs £1 10s
Item Rent received of Gregory Thomlin of Shoreham due at the time of Dec’eds death £10 10s 6d
These Exhibitants do declare that the said Deceased dyed possessed of a Lease Thirty Odd years to come of Old houses in Southwarke much out of repair paying Ten pounds per annum and Lett at thirteen pounds Ten Shillings per annum a Rack rent which they conceive to be worth nothing………
17 July 1714                                                                                         1714 D Knight J Knight
Dick Benjaming
Knight John Knight
*** (Remaining signatures illegible due to fading.)

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