The Third Inventory of the Priory, 1675. C6/233/9


A Schedule of Such Goods as were With Richard Spencer at the time

of his death in his house att Orpington in Kent with the Bill ***

In the room over the withdraweing roome

Five peeces of Tapestry hangings, two old Turky worke Carpetts  A peece of painting over the Chimney, five pictures of the Spencers relacons, A Table, a lookeing Glasse, A Bedstead, a Cord and Curtain rodd, Curtains and Vallance of Dimity wrought with Black worsted and lyned with White Calico.  A feather bed and 2 bolsters  ~~~~  three quilts, three pillowes, two blanketts one of them Indias silke, One Old Counter point a piece of Canvas, One Couch and three Chaires with cases Suitable to the Dimity Curtaines One old Crimson velvett Cushion two Stands two little hanging Shelves a Table cloth and Carpett suitable  A paire of Bellowes a ffire shovell a paire of Tongs   A little paire of Andirons with brasse knobs.  Two window Curtaines  purple Searge and Rodds.  Old Matt on the Chamber ffloore   A Cedar box, a Sere coloured Satin Mantle, Six Sweet bugle  Six little Stripps of cloth imbroidered, Several slipps of Canvas drawne, A bugle Baskett, A Close Stoole and panne

In the Gallary

twelve Cesar’s heads in painting.

In the Roome over the great parlour

Hangings of Gilt Leather blacke and Gold, two pictures One lookeing glasse three window Curtaines Orange Coloured Searge and Rodds A Bedstead, Matt, Cord ***(illegible because of crease in parchment) a fflocke Bolster, A Holland quilt, two Blanketts two pillowes, painted Callico Curtaines, Valans, Tester and Head cloth, two Elbowe Chaires, two Squabbs – ffive Stooles, three long Cushions, One ffire Shovell and tongs a paire of Andirons with Brasse knobbs, some old Cases for Chaires and Stooles, A Spainish Table, an old red Tapestry (?) Carpett A bugle Baskett, the ffloore Covered with old Matts

In the Inner Roome to the last menc’oned Chamber

Old *** hangings, A Bedstedd, Matt and Cord, A Buckram Tester, A ffeather bedd and Bolster, Old redd Curtaines, three Old Blanketts.  One Redd Rugg. One Stoole

In the Chappell Chamber

ffoure peeces of ***, One peece of old Tapestrey two window Curtaines A Coat of Armes Six pictures, A ffeather bedd and boulster One pillow three Blanketts One Redd Rugg Curtaines double Vallance, Tester and Head cloath of Redd cloath, A Chaire two Stooles A Table and Carpett A ffire Shovell Tongs Andirons an old Gittar and a Chest

In the little parlour

Red and Gold Gilt Leather hangings Eight Chaires covered with red gilt Leather One ffolding Skreene with reed Baies A round Table and an Old Carpett, two pictures, One of fflowers the other of ffruites A lookeing glasse A Stand for glasses, A paire of old playing Tables A paire of Brasse Andirons, ffire Shovell Tongs, Two hand Skreenes and a hooke to hang them on

In the Closett within the little parlor

Three little peeces of Old Green hangings One Old Trunck, One old Iron Chimney back and two old Creepers

In the great parlour

Gilt Leather hangings Greene and Gold, ffive little pictures the Senses a hanging Sconce three window Curtaines greene Serge, two Curtaines Roadds fourteene Chaires of Greene Gilt Leather and ffoure Stooles One Ovall Table, Two Spainish Tables – Three Turkie worke Carpetts One lookeing glasse, A paire of Brasse Andirons, Shovell and Tongs

In the withdrawing roome

Gilt Leasther hangings Blew and Gold, An Old Blew Velvett Couch, One Elbow Chaire Eight Back Stooles One ffoote Stoole of the same two Old Cushions Covered with Old Blew Velvett A Squabb with a Cane Bottome Two *** Cushions ****** (illegible due to fold in parchment)  painted, A lookeing Glasse, A Table, Two Stands, Two hanging Shelves, two blew Serge window Curtaines and Rodds, Six pictures great and small A Rock of Shelle, Severall peeces of China and Earthern Ware, Some broken, A pair of Iron Doggs, A paire of Andirons with brasse knobbs, Two Hand Skreenes, Nyne peeces more of China, One Calcedony Cupp, One Serpentine, One Terrasigillate Cupp, Two Mother of pearle Shells

In the Hall

One picture over the Chimney, three other pictures, Two Tables, One fforme, A Clock, Two  hanging Sconces of Lattin A paire of Andirons with brass Knobbs.

In the Ldy Spencers Chamber

Six peeces of Tapestry hangings Seaven pictures, One Chimney peece A ffolding skreene of Redd Baies A mount Script of our Saviour Christ in a little fframe, A hanging Shelve, one Bedstead with a lath bottome, ffoure Cupps on the Topp and Curtaine Rodds, A Holland Quilt a Counterpoint Redd Baies, A ffeather Bedd and Bolster, ffoure Blanketts One of them India Silk, An Old Silke Quilt Two pillowes, Curtaines, and Vanence of Old purple Velvett lyned with Old Silks and a Silke and Silver ffrindge, the Tester headpeece and inner Valence of old Silke, One old Elbow Chaire, ffoure back Chaires Three Stooles a Sqabb and Seaven Cushions all Covered with old Velvett, Two old Truncks, Two Tables One Cabinett, One Standish a little Table two stands, one Carpett, Three boxes One lookeing glasse, fflower little hand skreenes ffoure hookes a little Bell a ffier shovell and Tongs, Two Chimney Catches A ffier Hoope with Brasse knobbs A warmeing pann, and a paire of bellowes

In the little Chamber wherein my Ladies

The Chamber hanged with old striped sstuffe Two halfe headed Beadsteads, One fancy two Curtaines and Vallance of striped stuffe two ffeather Bedds Three Boulsters ffoure Blanketts Two Ruggs and two Stooles

In the Lady Spencers Closett

ffive old Trunks, A paire of Brasse Scales and Weights a Marble Morter a paire of Irons with brasse knobbs, a Stove for Sweet meates, Some remnants of Stuffe, A Box of Tortoise shell for Essences An old picture of Mr Spencers A pcell of gum, fflowers

In the kitchen Chamber and Garrett

Two halfe headed Bedsteads, two settle Beds two ffeather Bedds and Boulster, Three fflock Bedds and Boulster, ffive Blanketts Three Ruggs, One Spainish Table, One Chest of Drawers, Red Cloth for Curtaines and Valence, A Limbeck, ffoure brasse pannes A skillett, A Scummer, Two Brasse Blunderbusses

Linnen within the Closett in my Ladies Chamber Marked      R  S  M      lond marke

Tenn paire of Sheetes and One, Eight Damask Table Cloathes, Two dozen of Napkins, Eight paire of pillow beares, Tenn Diaper Tables cloathes Six Dozen of Napkins, A Tyle for A Boulster, Two little pillowes Two ffustian Blanketts

Linnen in the Chamber over the Kitchin and Garretts

Eleaven diaper Table Cloathes ffoure Dozen of Diaper Napkins, ffine fflaxon Table Cloathes Six dozen of fflaxon Napkins Twenty One side Board Cloths and Towells, ffive paire of Holland sheetes Eleaven paire of Course Sheets

Linnen in a Trunk att London menc’oned and appraised in the Inventory Marked  R   S   M

ffoure paire of sheets and One; ffoure paire of pillowbers and One, Eight Damask Table Cloths and side board Cloathes, little and great, ffoure Damaske Towells ffive diaper Table Cloathes little and great Two Dozen and Seaven Diaper Napkins Two pictures Christ laying in the Tomb and the Antick Dancing – Twenty Eight Canvas slipps wrought

Mr Spencers bookes men’cioned in the Inventory

A Lockett with severall Diamonds An Amethist Ring A Diamond Ring with One Stone Another with Several Small Stones, A Small Heart Ruby Another Ruby with two Small Diamonds A Necklace of pearle, A little Gold Bodkin


A Candle Cupp, A porringer in Oval Sug. Box and a Spoone A prefermeing *** (illegible due to heavy crease) a Cover, A Silver plate with the Spencers Coate of Armes, A Silver Tankard with Aremes, Two Trencher Scoloped Salts and two round handled Duch fforkes ffifty Nine Silver Counters, three Siver Ringes to Cutt pastiles, One Silver Seeale with the Spencers Coate of Armes, two little Boxes, One enamelled

In the Kitchin and Larder

All necessaries there as they are menc’oned in the Inventory
The pewter men’coned in the Inventory
The goods in the Brew house men’coned in the Inventory, and in the Dayry pantry and Cellar.

Historic Orpington