Historical Research by Judith Habgood


  • Eltham Palace: The House of Secret Messages: Eltham Palace is a building unlike any other. A completely original interpretation of the symbolism of Eltham Palace, which reveals its charm and humour for the first time. Discover what this strange building is really telling us.
  • Historic Orpington: Inventories, wills and court cases relating to the people of Orpington, 1500-1750, transcribed from original documents in the National Archives.
  • Habgood versus Habgood in Chancery: the dramatic story of William Habgood of London and Latton and his three children, Martha, Mary Ann and Thomas Habgood, between 1800 and 1890. It includes the life stories of George Muskett, MP for St Albans and owner of the Manor of Rickmansworth, and also William Milburn, author and trader with the East India Company.

Other articles

  • Mandrakes: a plant of history, medicine, mythology and magic.¬† It has a reputation for being hard to grow, and the seeds are considered to be difficult to germinate, but this is not so, provided you follow some very strict rules.